Monday, 6 February 2012

Homemade pregnancy test with bleach

Here is another interesting solution for homemade pregnancy test.It is pregnancy test with bleach.But before i explain you how you can perform it here are few words about these kind of tests.First and really most important thing that you should now about pregnancy tests like this one is that there is no 100 % reliable test.But only unless it has been conducted by doctor.

There are many different test on market today.Also there are many ways how you can make your own pregnancy test in home.But what about results and accuracy.These kind oftest are not perfect and you should talk to your doctor before you start performing it.

Homemade pregnancy test with bleach

Bleach, a chemical that removes colours or whitens through oxidation, can also be used for homemade pregnancy test. All you need to do with these test is to  add your urine to a cup of bleach and if it fizzes or becomes frothy, it is a possibility that you are pregnant.

So as you can see these test gives you possibility that you are pregnant if the test shows positive results.But still you need to visit doctor and make one real test.